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Illustration Time

with Lellie Lopter

This page is where you will find examples of illustrations by Lellie Lopter.
Scroll down for more illustrations.

Buen Camino Pilgrims by Lellie Lopter.jpg

Buen Camino, Pilgrims

Acrylic on Board

The Harp

This illustration has been submitted to the competition for J E Miller's 3rd book in the Remember series.

Watercolour on paper


Watercolour on paper + paper collage

This illustration was submitted to the Just Write for Kids 'Australia' anthology. 
The Harp by Lellie Lopter.png

Rhyme Time 1 Illustrations

Paper Collage

This selection of illustrations appear in the book 'Rhyme Time 1: Poems and Rhymes for really good times
Im Innocent Page.jpg
Pppfffffttttt BG.jpg
Pppfffffttttt Image Background Removed.png
The Bone Tree BG.jpg
The Bone Tree Image Background Removed.png
This Mans War Page.jpg
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