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About Lellie Lopter

Lellie Lopter is a fictional writer and illustrator who probably lives in Australia. She has a tendency towards telling stories and is definitely not living a secret life as a boring academic. Lellie may or may not be addicted to peppermint tea. 

For the boring truth about Lellie Lopter, scroll down.

Happy Families Podcast with Dr Justin Coulson from Channel 9's Parental Guidance

Audio - ABC interview with Debra PearceABC Interview with Debra Pearce
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ABC Radio Interview with Debra Pearce for the book 'My Brother Born Sleeping'

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The Boring Truth 

Lellie's real name is Kellie. Kellie has a writer’s heart but a business mind. She spent almost a decade as a bookseller, managing an independent bookstore and then an Angus and Robertson. She won many merchandising awards and was awarded the A&R national award for store standards and operations.

Despite all this, when A&R collapsed, she didn’t see it coming. Kellie spent the next decade learning what went wrong at A&R by sitting in business classrooms and she has spent the past 6 years standing out the front of them. She lectures with La Trobe university in Data Analysis, Statistics, Market Research, Consumer Behaviour, International Management, Human Resources, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship.

Kellie (and Lellie) have won several writing awards including:

Longlisted - 2024 Noble Hawk Illustration Prize

Shortlisted - 2023 NYC Midnight 250 Word Flash Fiction Writing Competition

Finalist - 2023 Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Winner - 2011 Marshall Allan Hill Writing Competition - ‘My Brother, Born Sleeping.

Shortlisted - 2010 Smories UK - 'Can you do it too?' (Jump!)

Finalist  - 2010 Smories UK - ‘Lucy's bone tree.’

Winner - 2010 Smories UK - ‘Sister for sale!’

Although Kellie has complete qualifications in professional children’s writing and illustration and won several awards, she is currently completing her PhD in Business (Public Value) with Swinburne University.

                    Kellie really is a boring academic. 


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